Opdracht 6:

Picture Walking


Picture and walking time!


If you feel healthy enough, go outside for a walk. Ask a family member to join you! Along the way, look for different items!


Find these items and take a picture of them.

When you come back home, edit the pictures to one frame. You can use an app for that (collage apps) or just insert them in a word document.


Upload this document at it’s learning before the end of the week and of course add a picture of yourself in it as well. We miss you and would like to see your smiling face! Don't forget to answer the questions from the template as well, so not only the pictures, but tell us how you are and what you thought of this assignment...Have fun.


These are the different items you have to find:


  1. A picture of yourself while you are walking (smile! J )
  2. A trash can
  3. A street-name sign
  4. A flower
  5. A bird
  6. A car with a license-plate starting with a Z
  7. A tree with leaves or flowers blooming
  8. A stick longer than your arm
  9. A dog or a cat
  10. A flag