Bootcamp All star Challenge

Complete different fitness activities in 20 seconds, ,40 seconds or 60 seconds. You must count how many repetitions of the activity you can complete in the time.


The pictures above are examples. Everybody knows how to doe these exercises. 

Fill out the sheet (you can either print it or write it at a different piece of paper) and hand it in on the template at it's learning (picture would be nice too!) lockdown opdracht formulier. 

Good luck!



If you want some more challenge, this is what you could do:



 sit upright with your arms by your sides. With palms forwards, raise both arms out and to the side, and up as far as is comfortable. Return to the starting position and repeat.



keep hands holding the sides of the chair and lift one leg with their knee bent, then place back down. Repeat with the opposite leg.  Sit upright and do not lean on the back of their chair while completing the exercise.



Take lightweight dumbbells or water bottles as weights.  sit upright with feet
flat on the floor. hold your chosen weight in each hand at your shoulders, with elbows bent and palms facing forward.
 press your arms straight upwards, extending your elbows then carefully lower back to the starting position.



sit upright with your feet on the floor and arms crossed to hold each shoulder. Without moving your hips,  turn your upper body to the left as far as is comfortable, hold for five seconds, then repeat on the right side.



Ensure the chair is secure against a wall so it will not slip. begin with feet together on the floor and hands at your sides. Extend/jump the left foot out to the left side, whilst raising the left arm to the side, then return quickly to the starting position. Repeat, alternating left and right sides.